Terms and conditions

Order and delivery terms


Hanna Maarit Jauhiainen sells art, commissioned works and art products to companies and adult private persons in Finland and the EU in her art company (Business ID 3180709-3). The main delivery partners are Posti and Matkahuolto. Products can also be picked up on site from the office in Raseborg by agreement. These terms of delivery apply to ordering products from the website / by e-mail or other similar means of communication.

These delivery terms are valid as of 1.1.2021. The terms of delivery may change unilaterally from time to time, so please read the terms of delivery regularly before placing an order.
The order and delivery terms of the online store can be found on the online store's page www.hannaartbyhanna.com

The prices of products made to order vary from case to case. The final price is always stated in full before the order confirmation and the start of the work. The prices of art products are shown in connection with the product.

Product prices include tax of 10% (works of art) or 24% (art products, graphic design and postage). Any shipping costs charged for the order depend on the product itself (e.g. weight, packaging). Shipping costs will be added to the total amount of the order if they are not included in the ordered package. The order will be confirmed by email. By confirming the order, the customer also confirms that he has read the order and delivery terms and understood that the order is binding and creates a contract between us with these terms of delivery. In the case of commissioned work, an advance payment (40% of the total amount) will be charged before the work begins. 

If no advance payment is made, the company has the right to cancel the transaction. The order work will not be handed over to the customer until payment has been made in full and is reflected in the company's account. In the case of instalments, the instalments will be agreed with each customer personally.

For custom work, the customer will be sent an invoice by email, which he will pay by the due date. An advance fee is charged for commissioned work, and receiving the work requires payment of the full amount. If the customer wants a paper invoice, an invoicing fee of 5 € will be charged. In the online store, the payment method PayPal.

We deliver your order either via Posti or Matkahuolto according to our agreement. For digital products (graphic design) we use cloud services such as Google Drive. Delivery time varies by order. For custom work, we will inform you of the delivery time before the order confirmation. If art products are in stock, the products will be shipped within two working days of receiving the order and confirming it. We are not responsible for delivery delays (e.g. in the operations of Matkahuolto, Posti or framing company) that are not caused by our company's operations. However, we will help the customer if the parcel is lost on the way or there are other problems with its delivery. Posti has a 7-day obligation and Matkahuolto has a 14-day responsibility to store the delivered package. If the package is not picked up and returned to us, we will have to charge the shipping and return costs of the order.
The amount of the returned parcel is the same as when sending from 9,90 €. A package that has not been picked up and returned to us can be delivered again upon agreement. In this case, the customer must pay new shipping costs. It is also possible to pick up the order at a pre-agreed time from the office in Raseborg.

Commissioned work: Completed work ordered and delivered according to an approved draft must be paid in full. If the client interrupts the work for a reason beyond the employee's control before it has been completed, the employee is also entitled to the entire remuneration. The customer receives a picture of the finished product, which he accepts in writing before picking up/sending the products. The order can be cancelled if the work has not been started. In this case, the advance payment will also be refunded.Art products: If you are a consumer, you have the right under the Finnish Consumer Protection Act to cancel the order by notifying us no later than 14 days after receiving the goods. The cancellation notification must be made clearly either through our contact form or by email. Social media channels are not an adequate form of cancellation. Returned products must be in their original packaging, unused and well packaged for return. The returner must pay the costs of return. These costs will not be refunded to the returner. When returning a delivered order, please include your name and contact information as well as your bank account number for a refund. Correspondingly, we will refund the money you paid for the order in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act.
Damage to the shipment is rare, but please check the package as soon as it arrives. If the product is lost or damaged during transport or otherwise does not correspond to your order or is incorrect, please notify us as soon as possible and no later than within 14 days. In consumer trade, we comply with the mandatory provisions of the Consumer Protection Act on liability for defects.

License and copyright


1. A work means any sketch, drawing or finished work created in connection with graphic design, illustration and art. 2. Reproduction means the reproduction of a work by printing, duplication, digital reproduction or any other means. 3. The client shall provide full information on the intended use of the work commissioned and on any specific artistic or advertising requirements imposed on it. The client shall provide all necessary information to  he author within the agreed timeframe. Otherwise, the author has the right to receive a change in the schedule and/or compensation for any additional work caused. 4. Drafts submitted to the client may not be published or used in any other way without the author's consent. Sketches may not be shown or handed over to outsiders. 5. Upon receipt of full remuneration, the author grants the principal the right to reproduce the works and to make available to the public to the extent agreed in the contract. If the client wishes to use the work or part of it for something other than what was originally agreed, the client must obtain the author's consent and the author is then entitled to additional compensation. 6. A work may not be made available to the public in a manner that violates the artistic value or originality of the author or in an infringing context. 7. When a work is made available to the public, the name of the author shall be indicated in the manner required by good practice. 8. Without the author's permission, the work may not be used in any other size, colour or other modification than agreed, except for minor technical corrections.


When the commissioned work or original painting has been paid for in full, ownership is transferred to the buyer. The buyer undertakes to handle the work carefully and familiarise themselves with copyright: As a rule, the buyer of a painting is not granted the right to reproduce/copy/use the work for commercial purposes. The artist retains the right of paternity to the work, i.e. the name of the author must be mentioned in connection with the work in accordance with good practice. The right of inspection, on the other hand, prohibits altering the work in a way that violates its artistic value. The author of a work of visual art has the right to see and photograph the work if this is necessary for the realisation of the author's economic rights, for example for the production of postcards or for the author's artistic work. However, access must be carried out in a manner that does not cause unreasonable inconvenience to the owner or holder of the work. Photographs, products of arts and crafts and crafts and architecture do not entitle access.

Watercolor painting should not be placed in direct sunlight/scorching. In this case, its colors fade. Hanna Maarit Jauhiainen is not responsible for any defects in the painting if it has been caused by careless storage by the customer (e.g. a damp room) or placement in direct sunlight. The customer undertakes to have the right to the model images provided by him in the case of commissioned work. If the images were not taken by the customer, he/she must request permission to use the image from the copyright holder.


When the work is paid for in full, ownership of it passes to the buyer. The right to modify or edit a work and the resale of copyright must always be agreed separately and in writing. All original illustrations, both sketches and finished material, are the property of the author unless otherwise agreed. Works in digital format are delivered to the customer in the form agreed in the contract. The author has the right to use the end result as a work sample as part of their portfolio, unless otherwise agreed. In the case of images or illustrations, the right of use is agreed in writing on a case-by-case basis. The customer is granted a license depending on how the image is used. The right of use may be, for example: a) The right to use the drawing in posters and brochures is transferred. In this case, the use of the same drawing on postcards and T-shirts requires a new permit and separate compensation for the authors. In the case of images or illustrations, the right of use is agreed in writing on a case-by-case basis. The customer is granted a license depending on how the image is used. The right of use may be, for example: a) The right to use the drawing in posters and brochures is transferred. In this case, the use of the same drawing on postcards and T-shirts requires a new permit and separate compensation for the authors. b) Time of use, e.g. License for a period of three years, e.g. 1000 postcards. c) The territorial scope of the licence, e.g. Use in Finland or the Nordic countries.

COPYRIGHT ACT 8.7.1961/404

DATA PROTECTION ACT 5.12.2018/1050