Hanna Maarit Jauhiainen

Expressionist ©

I paint intuitively small symbolistic oil paintings of emotions on paper, wood and canvas. The sensitivity of watercolors also fascinates me. In my art, I work with things and values that are important to me. Through my life experience, I know that many of the things I describe are universal. The happiness, lightness, or pain of being human do not depend solely on external things. What we have experienced in our lives on an emotional level, we reflect, what we are, or believe we are.

That's why I paint about emotions. That's why I paint about being human and becoming yourself. Therefore. I paint. Compassion. Courage. For respecting and valuing others. Living in harmony with nature. Women's rights. That's why I paint exactly the way I want and try to find my own truth too.

I hope that my paintings make you stop and think, feel and breathe more freely. I hope my art reminds you of the beauty of life. Here and Now.

Best regards,

Hanna Maarit Jauhiainen, Raasepori Finland