Wisdom dwells in the heart.


I am an artist who uses pictures to put into words the stories of our lives. As a rule, I paint small-scale works and also make illustrations in addition to commissioned works. My studio is located in a quiet countryside under the shade of apple trees in Raseborg in Southern Finland. 

Before starting my own art business in 2021, I already have had a lifelong career in mental health, substance abuse and therapy work. - That's why my works are about respecting and appreciating people and nature, compassion and hope, and learning to love and listen to oneself as one is or wants to be; without seeking to meet the expectations and requirements of others.  My paintings also speak for courage and women's rights all over the world. On the next page you can read my life story related to making art.

Here and now. What kind of art do you appreciate?

Painting: "I built myself a suit of armor from the wings of a blue butterfly." Oil painting on paper (300 g/m2) 48 cm height x 36 cm