ART BOOK 2021: Artists of Today and Tomorrow: Art Curator Monica Ferrarinim Feventi/ Hanna Maarit Jauhiainen - Artisti di Oggi e di Domani II: 

"It happens that certain personal and professional choices stem as an answer to what life imposes upon us, an innate consequence to suffering, fear, frailty... and this is what happens to Hanna Maarit Jauhiainen, artist with a delicate and deep soul who reaches art by inquiring the day-to-day, the resilience and introspection, and by living the act of painting as a manner to free her spirit and give shape and colour to the intimate experiences and states of mind that accompany her. 

Favouring the technique of watercolour, with its innate delicacy, it mirrors the sensitivity of an artists that loves to scrutinise existence with simplicity and expressive depth. Her artworks are a trail of something that's delicately evoked and that it's revealed to the eyes of the observer unexpectedly, requiring attention, reflection and contemplation. 

These are prodigious images, in their expressive frailty, and precious in their communicative power, engaging in their ability to tell a story and to stop in time a memory and/or a sentiment. The frailty of the pictorial medium and the subsequent difficulty in controlling the expressive process suggest the will to research depth through transparency and to observe the world in its frail and complex component." 

Art Gallery M.A.D.S. Milan, Milan Italy

Group art exhibition "Philo-Póem" 21.5.-31.5.2021
Art Curator Francesca Brunello: 

"The artworks by the contemporary Finnish artist, Hanna Maarit Jauhiainen, making watercolour technique her main form of expression, give rise to gentle tales of distant, delicate and enveloping dreams. Veils of colour embrace each other, blending, giving life to new colours that describe figures and imaginaries of great refinement. 

Linked to a figurative style, Hanna Maarit Jauhiainen takes us into a world whose protagonists live in symbiosis with Nature and its elements. In "I am a big lion and I will protect you from everything", this intense bond is immediately perceptible. A lion with human features, whose face surrounded by leaves is reminiscent of the sun, touches some plants with his hands, while little birds are circling in the sky. The choice of using such dark colours to depict the background contrasts with the subject, who expresses serenity and light. 

With this work, Hanna Maarit Jauhiainen succeeds in conveying the philosophical concept of "polarity", that is, the relationship of mutual dependence between two opposing elements: light-dark, hot-cold, black-white, male-female, love-hate, rich-poor, health-sickness. The blotches on the purplish-red background give a sense of instability and unease, which, however, are immediately compensated for by the presence of this creature, whose gentle face communicates a pleasant calm. 

Hanna Maarit Jauhiainen's art speaks of balance. An ancestral spiritual equilibrium where, despite the unpredictability of the Nature and its unstoppable power, life continues to evolve without disturbing our souls. These are small tales of great sweetness and profound mysticism, in which the observer can do nothing but be lulled."

The Brick Lane Gallery, London United Kingdom


Gallery manager Ellivia Brierly: 

"The watercolour paintings of Hanna Maarit Jauhiainen are magical. 

Her work incites the remembered sense of wonder, intrigue, and marvel of a childhood bedtime story and plays with scale in a way that transports us entirely back to our younger selves. In "She fell asleep under bellflowers" a woman lies horizontally beneath billowing bellflowers depicted in a rich cobalt blue. Rather than the flowers being dramatically enlarged, the effect is of the woman being reduced in scale to a size that she fits comfortably within the crop of wild flowers.

A sense of enchantment is felt throughout Maarit Jauhiainen's work; In the mischievous expression of the protagonist in "The Moss Princes", and the smiles that peer our from behind the flowers in "Children of the Shadows"

The titles of her watercolours also suggest at dramatic and enchanting narratives, "Longing for you" and "Beautiful Dreams" match the beauty of the visual work in their poetic intonation."