Wisdom dwells in the Heart

My life story

This is my letter to you who want to know my life story. I'm writing it so you can better understand my starting point and background. Maybe you have had similar experiences with creation and an artistic career, who knows. Do you want to continue reading?

Since I was a child, I have drawn with everything possible, always and everywhere. Drawing opened the door to the world of imagination for me and strengthened my inner sensitivity, teaching me to respect creative power and intuition, my own personal expression.

Drawing also taught me how to observe my surroundings and nature in a compassionate way. - However, I have understood these things only now at an older age.

Growing up, my parents supported me in all my artistic endeavors. They made sure I always had a big roll of drawing paper, lots of different colors and an easel in my room, even though they didn't always understand my inner creative fire.

I still have the tiny field painting easel I got as a Christmas present when I was a teenager, because it is very dear to me. It symbolizes the trust, acceptance and faith placed in me, which mean a lot to me.
I knew I wanted to be an artist. I was absolutely sure of it and worked to achieve my goal. Over the years, I actively studied art and at the same time became very familiar with art museums.
However, after having my own family at the age of 22, painting started to take a backseat, to a smaller role, rightfully so, because being a mother is the most meaningful thing in my life. It has changed and grown me, it has opened my eyes to look at the world sometimes with tired but happy eyes. I've been really lucky.
After that period, I took a break from making art for many years and I went to different jobs to support our small family. I have also had a long career in mental health, substance abuse and therapy work.
In 2018, due to coincidences, I started making sketches again and looking for my lost expression. It heralded a big change in my life, which at the time I didn't even dare to hope for.
In 2019, I was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer. It stopped me and made me reassess which things I want to devote the rest of my life to. I know, very common for those who have gone through the same experience and I was no exception.
As the continental plates shifted inside me, I left my day job at the time and decided to make different changes in direction in my everyday life; I can say it was really worth it.

Now I am 55 years old. I hope to live to be 100 years old! Healing from cancer reminded me to fulfill my own desires and that I don't have any more time to waste waiting for a "more suitable" moment. A truly personal internalization of one's own mortality ignited a new flame of life, which I have humbly embraced.
I am grateful for everything I have been able to experience in my life, but now I do my best to listen to my inner artist's voice as an independent entrepreneur and professional artist. I believe that my honesty and authenticity after returning to my roots in making art will be conveyed in my works.
Life is here and now, not until tomorrow!
By the way, you knew that Wisdom lives in the Heart.
With love,
Hanna Maarit Jauhiainen

Ps. Here are some old pictures from the past few years, mainly from the art studio in the middle of painting in a mixed order... :)